Chloé Dierckx
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15 September 1516, 22h

Dani O’Dean is a newly founded collective of three young Belgian artists: Sarah Hendrickx, Liesbeth Doms and Chloé Dierckx. They come together in a mutual interest in research based artistic projects and an attraction towards the oddities of human kind and his inventions, from science over culture to the art scene itself. Although Dani O’Dean is a space to develop collaborative projects, there is also room to discuss and produce individual work.


Installation view, with the real present day stars on the background.

The installation '15 September 1516, 22h' was created in commemoration of Lieven van Pottelsberghe en Livina van Steelant as first inhabitants of the 500 year old castle in Bazel, Wissekerke and restores the stars to how they were positioned 500 years ago. Visitors are invited to lie down and see the stars the way the first inhabitants saw them.

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